At GenPlus, we believe time is the essence in businesses.  To ensure our customers fast turn around during a battery failure, we have set up our own battery repair centre.  We provide in-house battery repair for all our batteries. 

GenPlus Smart Li-Ion Battery Solution uses advance Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery.  This battery chemistry is environmentally friendly and has a very stable atomic structure that makes the battery reliable and safe.

Smart Li-Ion Battery has high charging cycles as high as 3000 times under 80% DOD.  In addition, charging time as low as 2 hours.  The battery chemistry also has high discharge current.  Typically, it can support up to 30C.

GenPlus provides total solution for our Smart Li-Ion Battery.  Much considerations are put into designing our battery packs.  From choosing our battery cells, battery management system, to the charging system, GenPlus has designed the Smart Li-Ion Battery with you in mind.   Download Brochure